Quakecon 2017

Redeye not only returns to Quake, but also returns to Quakecon for the first time in eleven years for the Grand Finals of the Quake World

ESG Tours Mykonos Qualifiers

Live for two days, 17th and 18th August from the EFrag studios in Belgrade, Serbia, Redeye will lead the desk alongside Warclown and Tom Bissel

Quake World Championship EU Finals

Redeye heads to home soil and the ESL Studio in Leicester for the 60th game of his broadcasting career and a return to his roots with Quake

PGL Krakow Major

Redeye has been chosen to lead the desk analysis host role for the upcoming PGL Krakow Major for CS:GO. The official Valve sanctioned event

ESL One Cologne 2017

This coming weekend, Redeye will be the stage host once again for ESL One Cologne’s CS:GO $250,000 tournament.