Talking Esports – A free book on esports broadcasting

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Today, I can finally announce the publication of the book “Talking Esports”. It is the work of more than 8 years in total. The book covers almost every aspect of esports broadcasting whether you want to be a home broadcaster, a professional caster at live events or even a show host. Hopefully there is something for everyone that wants to work as a broadcaster in esports.

The book is completely free of any monetary cost, all I ask is you pay for it via a tweet and an optional follow on Twitter.

You can download the book below.


Many asked for a way to pay in monetary ways for the book and while I don’t need you to do this in order to download the book, if you feel you benefit from the book or would simply like to donate towards the costs of creating and hosting it, that would be very nice. Any size donations accepted with gratitude <3