Esports Broadcast Rules

1) Use of ‘um’ is never okay
2) Use of ‘errr’ isn’t clever either
3) Don’t use the word ‘throw’ when you throw
4) Tuck away in-ear earphones (and don’t use the white ones from iPods – they stand out and look horrible)
5) Put the leads from headsets behind your back or inside your jacket
6) Never cross your body with a handheld microphone – put it in the hand on the same side as your interviewee
7) Never give your microphone away
8) Don’t lean on desks with your elbows
9) Don’t put your hands in your pockets
10) Don’t keep touching your nose, covering your mouth, playing with your hair or eyebrows or rubbing your face
11) Leave your hair alone
12) Seriously, leave your hair alone
13) Stop fidgeting
14) Don’t play with your headset/mic
15) Never adjust your headset without muting first and ensuring you aren’t on camera
16) If you’re the only one on camera (for example onstage), make sure you keep eye contact with the camera
17) Always use the right nomenclature
18) Use the cough button – never cough into the microphone
19) Don’t cover the antenna on a handheld mic – it can cause interference and it annoys sound engineers a lot
20) Always let your stage manager know where you are if you leave the set or stage
21) Put the mic from your headset on the side of your face which is away from the camera (most broadcasting headsets are multi-way enabled)
22) No swearing – ‘idiot’ is fine, though ;)
23) Keep eye contact with anyone you interview
24) Make sure your mic isn’t ‘hot’ before saying something you don’t want the public to hear
25) If you host a lot, use your own professional in-ear earphones – less mess, more quality
26) Don’t forget to breathe
27) Learn how to tie a tie or find someone who knows how to
28) Try and avoid stripes on clothing – it makes the cameras go weird
29) Pay attention to your producer – they will be your best friend when things go wrong
30) If you’re a host onstage, insist on having a preview monitor (sometimes called a PGM)
31) Never highlight or bring attention to production errors while on screen or mic
32) Always double check your mic is turned on before your segment or interview
33) Make sure before you go live on a stream that the audio is muted to avoid coughing, random talk and general embarrassment
34) There isn’t a rule 34, you know why.

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