The following is a complete list of all events and TV shows Paul has worked on as a host, commentator or expert.


HotS Europe Regional Summer, Leicester, UK.
 ECS Qualifiers, London, UK.
 BAFTA Game Awards, London, UK.
 MLG CS:GO Major, Columbus, USA.
 WCS Winter Championships, Katowice, Poland.
 DGL League Kickoff, Johannesburg, South Africa.


 The Frankfurt Major, Frankfurt, Germany.
 Blizzcon Viewing Party, London, UK.
 DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca CS:GO 7th Major, Cluj, Romania.
 The International 5, Seattle, USA.
 World of Tanks World Championship, Krakow, Poland.
 Intel Extreme Master World Championships, Spodek Arena, Katowice, Poland
 WCS Season 1 RO32 (4 shows), Cologne, Germany.
 Infinite Crisis GO4 International Finals, Cologne, Germany.
 Intel Extreme Masters Taipei, Taipai Games Week, Taiwan.
 SKILL All Stars Final, Cologne, Germany.
 Esports broadcaster seminar, Oslo, Norway.


 Intel Extreme Masters San Jose, SAP Stadium, San Jose, USA.
 ESL One Battlefield 4 Grand Finals Winter, Cologne, Germany.
 Blizzcon 2014, WCS Global Finals, Anaheim, United States of America.
 WCS Global Finals RO16, Burbank, United States of America.
 FaceIT CS:GO Season 2 finals, Milan, Italy.
 WCS Europe Premier League Season 3 Finals, Cologne, Germany.
 ESL One NYC, Madison Square Garden, New York City, United States of America.
 Infinite Crisis European Season 1 finals, Cologne, Germany.
 WCS Europe Premier League Season 3 RO16, Cologne, Germany.
 Stephano Show 2, Meltdown, Paris, France. (150)
 Intel Extreme Masters Toronto, Toronto, Canada.
 Smite European Finals, Cologne, Germany.
 ESL One Cologne, Gamescom, Cologne, Germany.
 Intel Extreme Masters, Shenzhen, China.
 ESL One Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany.
 ESL One Battlefield 4 Grand Finals Spring, Cologne, Germany.
 2014 WCS Europe & America Season 2 finals, Cologne, Germany. (150th event)
 2014 Season 2 WCS Europe Season & America RO16 (4 shows), Cologne, Germany.
 The Crew Launch Show, Lyon, France.
 Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, Spodek Arena, Katowice, Poland.
 2014 WCS Europe Season 1, RO16 (4 shows), Cologne, Germany.
 EMS One Battlefield 4 Season Finals, Cologne, Germany.
 Intel Extreme Masters Cologne, Cologne, Germany.
Intel Extreme Masters Sao Paulo, Sau Paulo, Brazil.


 Blizzcon 2013, WCS Global Finals, Anaheim, United States of America.
 RC EMS One Finals Season 3, Cologne, Germany.
 WCS World Finals Season 3, RO16 (4 shows), Cologne, Germany.
 IEM New York City, New York City, United States of America.
 WCS World Finals Season 2, Gamescom, Cologne, Germany.
 Infinite Crisis launch tournament, Gamescom, Cologne, Germany.
 WCS Europe Finals Season 2, Cologne, Germany.
 IEM China, Shanghai, China.
 RaidCall EMS One S2 Finals, Cologne, Germany.
 World of Tanks Pro League Finals season 1, Jonkoping, Sweden.
 DreamHack Summer 2013, Jonkoping, Sweden. (125)
 WCS Europe Finals Season 1, Cologne, Germany.
 RaidCall EMS One Season 2, Cologne, Germany.
 SC2 WCS Europe Premier League RO16 (4 shows), Cologne, Germany.
 FIFA Interactive World Cup Finals, Madrid, Spain.
 FIFA Interactive World Cup, Dortmund, Germany.
 World of Tanks Pro League, Cologne, Germany.
 RaidCall EMS One Lan Finals, Cologne, Germany.
 Gadget Show Live, NEC, Birmingham, UK.
 Blizzard Heart of the Swarm Launch show, Versailles, France.
 IEM World Championship, Hannover, Germany.
 RaidCall EMS One, Cologne, Germany.
 EA Sports $1million Challenge FIFA13, Las Vegas, USA.
 Intel Extreme Masters Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
 Intel Extreme Masters Katowice, Poland.


 Dreamhack Winter, Jonkkoping, Sweden.
 Gadget Show Live Xmas, ExCeL, London.
 Dreamhack Eizo Open, Bucharest, Romania.
 Valencia esports Congress, Valencia, Spain.
 WCS Europe Finals, Erricson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden.
 i46 Multiplay, Telford, UK.
 WCS UK Finals, BAFTA London, UK.
 Firefall Beta Tournament, Cologne, Germany.
 GamesCom WoW Championship, Cologne, Germany.
 DreamHack Summer, Jonkkoping, Sweden.
 War of the Roses, Stockholm, Sweden. (100)
 WCS German Finals, Cologne, Germany.
 Gadget Show Live, NEC, Birmingham, UK.
 Copenhagen Games, Copenhagen, Denmark.
 Intel Extreme Masters World Final, Hannover, Germany.
 AMD eXperience, London, UK.
 Intel Extreme Masters GC, Kiev, Ukraine.


 WCG World finals, Busan, Korea.
 Gadget Show Live, NEC, Birmingham, UK. (100th event)


 WCG World finals, Los Angeles, USA.
 GameStop, Dallas, USA.
 Gadget Show Live, NEC, Birmingham, UK.


 World Cyber Games Finals, Chengdu, China.
 i37, Stoneleigh Park, UK.
 EA Meet your match finals, Stoneleigh Park, UK.
 WCG UK Finals, Coventry, UK.
 the eXperience, Roskilde, Denmark.
 OOF3, Antwerp, Belgium.
 UKeSA Finals, London, UK.
 LAN79, Bresouire, France.
 The Gadget Show Live, NEC, Birmingham, UK.
 i36, Stoneleigh Park, UK.
 Frag-o-matic 11, Wieze, Belgium.
 ESL Pro Series Finals, London, England.


 World Cyber Games Grand Final, Cologne, Germany.
 Eurokrieg Final, London, UK. (75)
 ESL Masters Montreal, Cologne, Germany.
 PCGamer Showdown, Coventry, UK.
 GamesNight TV Show, Pulse TV, UK.
 WCG UK Final, Stoneleigh, UK.
 i34/Mfestival, Stoneleigh, UK.
 CGS World Final, Los Angeles, USA.
 CGS Latin America Finals, Los Angeles, USA.
 CGS UK/EU Finals, Los Angeles, USA.
 CGS Pan Asian Final, Los Angeles, USA.
 CGS NA Season, Los Angeles, USA.
 FIWC TV Show (Road to Berlin) Show 3, London, UK.
 CGS UK/EU Draft Show, Birmingham, UK.
 CGS UK/EU Combine, Birmingham, UK.
 Pulse TV (Forza 2, PGR4), London, UK.
 FIWC TV Show (Road to Berlin) Show 2, London, UK.
 FIWC TV Show (Road to Berlin), London, UK.
 Pulse TV (GoW, H3), London, UK.
 i33, Newbury, UK.
 CGS NA Draft, SXSW, Austin, USA.
 CGS NA Combine, Austin, USA.
 Xleague (Tekken5 & COD4), SkyTV, UK.
 CPL World Finals, London,UK.
 GamesNight, London, UK TV.


 CGS World Finals, Los Angeles, USA.
 CGS World Individuals, Los Angeles, USA. (50)
 Xleague.TV UT3, COD2 & GoW shows, London, UK.
 i32, Newbury, UK.
 Fuse07 Rock concert, London, UK.
 UT3 Launch Show, Birmingham, UK.
 Xleague.TV Motorstorm & DOA4, London, UK.
 Xleague.TV Halo3 & Warhawk, London, UK.
 CGS UK Finals, Sky TV, London, UK.
 CGS EU finals, Birmingham, UK. (50th event)
 CGS UK/EU Qualifier, Birmingham, UK.
 xleague.TV Gaming Talk Show, London, UK.
 Xleague.TV DOA4 & GOW shows (pundit), London, UK.
 Xleague.TV DOA4, FIFA & Cod2 Shows, London, UK.
 WCG UK Finals, Newbury, UK.
 i31, Newbury, UK.
 Asus WGT UK, Newbury, UK.
 Xleague.TV DOA4 & Forza2 shows, London, UK.
 CGS NA Championships, Los Angeles, USA.
 CGS Playboy Mansion Draft, Los Angeles, USA.
 CGS NA Combine, Fox Studios, Los Angeles, USA.
 CGS NAQ, Los Angeles, USA.
 CPC2, Enschede, Holland.
 i30, Newbury, UK.
 shgOpen, Copenhagen, Denmark.


 Pilot TV show, Melbourne, Australia.
 Fuse 2006, Newbury, UK. (25)
 i29 Intel Xtreme Championships, Newbury, UK.
 World Cyber Games Finals, Monza, Italy.
 Netgamez, Utrecht, Holland.
 CB EuroCup XIII Lan Finals, Aarhus, Denmark. (GZTV)
 i28 Finals, Newbury, UK.
 WCG UK Finals, Newbury, UK.
 Quakecon 2006, Dallas, USA.
 ClanBase EuroCup XIII (Q4, UT, UT2004).
 PrizeFight TV, London, UK. (SkyTV)
 ESWC Grand Finals, Paris, France.
 CovLAN Q4 Tournament, Coventry, UK.
 GameZone Finals, Antwerp, Belgium.
 i27 Finals, Newbury, UK.
 TransAtlantic Showdown, New York, USA.
 PCA Grand Final UT99 TDM
 CB OC Final UT99 TDM
 SK Gaming King of the Hill Q4.
 CB EuroCup XII – Q4, CS:S, UT2004.
 ESi VIA UK invite, London, UK.


 CIG finals, Shanghai, China.
 S3/Via Q4 DreamHack tourney, Sweden.
 World Cyber Games finals, Singapore.
 GGL Digital Life Finals, New York, USA.
 GGL Digital Life Qualifiers (europe)
 Tek9 CS:S Cup
 ESL Autumn Cup UT
 CB EuroCup LAN Finals, Almere, Holland.
 i25 LAN 2005
 QuakeCon X 2005, Dallas, USA.
 CB Nations Cup 8 CS:S
 GigaLiga GrandSlam 2005
 ESWC Finals, Paris, France.
 EuroCup UT2004 iCTF & TDM
 EuroCup UT iCTF
 OpenCup CS:S
 ESL Nations Championship


 PC Zone Readers Challenge UT2004 CTF
 ECTS for Abit Corp, London, UK.
 EuroCup UT2004 iCTF
 EuroCup UT iCTF
 Nations Cup UT CTF
 Nations Cup UT2004 iCTF


 EuroCup UT2003 iCTF
 Nations Cup UT2003 iCTF



First ever cast was in Unreal Tournament for CTF – Eurocup on ClanBase on 28th April 2002.

No other details are available from 2002 as ReDeYe’s memory has faded ;)