Game Show and Tell

It’s not as easy it looks, this tournament production thing. At least, that’s what hopefully came out of watching the Game Show produced Global Esports CupCounter-Strike tournament from Lithuania this weekend.

For those who didn’t tune in or didn’t watch, the tournament was plagued by a number of production issues. It also showed that while you can put up a fantastic prize fund ($200,000) and build a great looking studio and place for the players to play, you still need to employ experienced people and pay attention to the small things for production to be great.


Up front, let me tell you, standing in the background, producing or directing an esports show of any kind is incredibly challenging. I think we take for granted these days that production will be high quality and near flawless, but let’s not forget that may of the top tournaments have been doing this for a decade or more. They have experience and know what can go wrong and put in place redundancies. They’ll also have the experience to know the small things that can mount up and tarnish a show even when the other parts (great teams, prize money, and studio) are all in place.

It wasn’t the worst esports show I’ve ever watched, far from it, but it did lack polish and was infuriating to listen to at times. There were a number of reasons for this…

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