Gosu Gamers Host of the Year 2015

Another day and another award for ReDeYe! Gosu Gamers who recently announced The Best Host of 2015 for DotA2, today announced that the winner of the Host of the Year for CS:GO 2015 was also ReDeYe!

Gosu had this to say “The true veteran of the eSports scene started this year by leaving ESL. This, however, didn’t prevent him from doing what he is best at, being an amazing host. First, Dota 2 fans saw him at The International, which was then followed up later this year with an appearance at the third CS:GO major, DreamHack Cluj-Napoca. Paul “RedEye” Chaloner is a testimony to what real passion, commitment and love towards your job can achieve in this line of work.”

The full list of winners can be here.

This is the third award ReDeYe has received from Gosu Gamers for hosting.

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