How to shoutcast ebook v1 (Old version)

In 2007 Paul wrote a short guide to shoutcasting with the aim of helping those trying to break in to the art of talking about videogames on live streams. Back in 2007, video streams were rare and mostly restricted to large scale events and TV shows produced by large organisations. The way to start out in shoutcasting was to hook up a PC to the shoutcast network and do “radio broadcasting” to a few hundred people.

Paul is busy working on a brand new version of the guide which he aims to release sometime in late February 2013, however the call for the old guide has been so popular he decided to get it uploaded here until the new version is ready.

The old version doesn’t contain much in the way of setup for video (if anything) and concentrates fully on audio commentary at the start, but it does move in to camera work too. When reading, just keep in mind it was originally written six years ago! The old guide includes the following areas of discussion and advice:

* The initial cast

* Where and who to get feedback from

* Video casting online & tournaments

* Style and technique

* Pacing and volume control

* Camera usage

* How to use dead air

* Coping with nerves

* Preparation, professionalism, practice & passion

The complete PDF Ebook old version of the guide can be found here.

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