Interviews, Interviews and more interviews

Over the past few weeks of travel, ReDeYe has been interviewed more times than a Hilary Clinton advisor on emails!

We’ve collected all of the Video, Audio and Written interviews in one handy place, you know, so if you really, really get bored you can listen to ReDeYe go on and on and on and on about esports stuff :D


First up, Adam from EsportsHeaven interviewed ReDeYe at ESL One New York

Paul also completed a series of interviews for US Cable network Fuse.

The final video interview was shot at Gamescom, but only recently released by SmartCast Ninja. This one is more about his start in videogames and his career.


Next up, those funny guys at SiriusXM Radio have started covering esports. While in audio, this one features some fun stuff from ReDeYe and Anders.

There was also time to complete an interview with technology sit Fin24News, also in audio.


There were also a number of written interviews conducted over the last month or so,  listed below:

LazyGamer – full piece here.

MyGaming – Full piece here.