RC EMS One Season 3 Finals

This weekend will see the return of the RaidCall EMS One grand finals, live from Cologne in the ESL TV studios. ReDeYe will once again be in attendance, however his job role has changed a little. For this final, he will not be commentating as in previous events but instead stepping in to his other role of show host.

Details on the show below which include 8 of the top teams in the world and 4 fantastic commentators alongside.


* Joe Miller
* Lauren ‘Pansy’ Scott
* Jason Kaplan
* Anders Blume


* Paul ‘ReDeYe’ Chaloner


* Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan


* Saturday, 26th of October: 12:00 CEST – Group A
* Saturday, 26th of October: 17:00 CEST – Group B
* Sunday, 27th of October: 12:00 CET – Decider Matches of Grp A/B
* Sunday, 27th of October: 15:00 CET – Semi Finals
* Sunday, 27th of October: 20:00 CET – Grand Final


*ESL TV Mainstream – English

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