ReDeYe to host the WCS Finals at Blizzcon 2014

The announcement everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived! ReDeYe will once again be donning his tuxedo to be the official host of the WCS finals held at BlizzCon 2014. This event rounds off a fantastic year in Starcraft which has seen ReDeYe host for WCS and IEM in several countries, showcasing some of the best Starcraft talent and games.

This year’s event promises to be the biggest yet with the WCS finals moving from the BlizzCon floor to the Anaheim Convention Center Arena. The top 16 players in the Starcraft 2 rankings will be battling it out for a chance to win the prestigious title of World Champion 2014 and walk away with a chunk of the $250,000 prize pool.

ReDeYe will be accompanied by Sue “Smix” Lee to host the show, alongside an array of talent from the casters desk and observers. For the full line up at this years WCS finals, click here.

The round of 16 will begin November 1st in a cosy studio setting, followed by the quarterfinals on Nov. 7th and 8th which will conclude at BlizzCon.

With an all-star Korean line up for this year’s event, will ReDeYe’s predictions once again be 8 for 8 or will he fall victim to the Artosis Curse?

For more information on the brackets and prize breakdown, click here.

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