TI8 Preparation Spreadsheet

A lot of folks have asked me to post my prep files and I thought since TI8 has just finished this would be a good time to finally do just that!

Contained in the link is an Excel sheet I used to prep for The International 2018. Don’t trust all of the numbers to be 100% accurate today as the document was prepped before the event and then updated in SOME places during the event, depending on what I needed each day. As I didn’t cover all matches every day, some pages weren’t updated particularly on heroes in the team pages for example, so don’t use the data as gospel now.

Instead, use it as a learning tool on how to prep for an event. This is obviously host prep, so it is tailored to the type of things I’d be talking about on the panel, milestones, streaks, common themes among players or teams, form, records on heroes etc. Yours should be different depending on your style and your job role at the event, but hopefully this gives you an idea of the type and style of prep I do for events that also then get turned in to storylines: The battle for two titles for the first time, the first time winner, landmark games such as the 100th match or a record breaking moment can all be captured by doing this kind of prep.

The extended prep not in this document is the head to head doc, but I tend not to use that too much due to the nature of dota2 and the changes in roster which negate any real advantaged to either team when they play with different players. That said, I do check it each day for any interesting anecdotes (Optic not beating VP in their last 10 games for example, is interesting but doesnt really have a bearing on todays match).

If you find it useful, feel free to copy the format, steal pieces you like and let me know if you found it useful on my Twitter.

You can find the file HERE.