WCS America! Now with more ReDeYe

After the announcement that ESL would take over the running and broadcasting of WCS America following NASL pulling out, there was not enough time to complete the first season of 2014 in North America. Consequently, the matches will not take place in the ESL Studios in Cologne, Germany.

While WCS Europe regulars, ReDeYe, Tod, Kaelaris and Apollo will broadcast the matches over the next couple of weeks, Rotterdam, Ret and Nathanias will also join them to bring double coverage of both WCS America and WCS Europe as they wrap up season 1.

Starting this coming weekend, WCS America completes the Round of 16 with Rotterdam, Kaelaris, Nathanias and Tod joining ReDeYe who will be hosting as usual. The following week will see four days of action as both America and Europe complete their Final matches from Round of 8 through to Grand Final on Sunday 13th April, where the team will be re-united with Apollo and Ret.


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